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Product Name:  COPYLOCK Software Protection System
Product Information: RS Software Developers can protect their application using this product. The protected application is granted execution only when valid security dongle (i.e. COPYLOCK USB Dongle) is found attached. The software developed in various programming languages/tools for Windows (32 & 64bit) and Linux can be protected to work with COPYLOCK Dongles using COPYLOCK API Libraries The Program CD of the system includes Example Code for various programming language to demonstrate the usage.
Product Brochure: Download
Product Name:  COPYLOCK Data Protection System
Product Information: This product can be used to protect data files viz. Media files, Video Projects and almost any other type of files. The protected files are encrypted with the COPYLOCK USB Dongle key. The encrypted files can be opened by the associated application only when the valid COPYLOCK Dongle is found attached.
Product Brochure: Download
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